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The SF Vikings are a small ski club in the Bay Area whose members are united by a love of snow and snow sports. Our group covers all ages and abilities of skiing. Junior memberships (age 7 to 18) are available at a nominal cost if at least one parent is an active member.

The Viking Ski Club has a long history. We own a cabin in the Sierra Nevada and meet once a month in the Bay Area. We also have other activities during the year. If you are interested, please look at our Membership Requirements for joining and dues information, and download our Membership Brochure.

During the winter, meetings are held at 8 PM on the first Wednesday of each month. Meetings rotate at a variety of locations. Please check the Calendar of Events and the Gazette for current information. During the summer, meetings are sometimes held at the cabin or at a picnic site. Contact VSC Information for the meeting location that month. Please feel free to come to a meeting and introduce yourself. Mention that you saw the Web site.

For our current events, see our Calendar of Events

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