Please refer to the Gazette for more details

    Call in number for meetings: (605) 472-5618 code: 249903#
    March 16: St. Patrick's Day Feast and club meeting at the cabin, 7:30 pm
    April 6: Club meeting, officer nominations, Englander Pub, 101 Parrott Street, San Leandro
    May TBA: Club meeting, officer election in San Francisco (more info to come)
    June 8: Installation dinner at Nick's in Rockaway Beach, Pacifica (pending confirmation)
    July 6: 4th of July cabin work party and meeting at cabin
    Aug. 17: Cabin work party and meeting at cabin
    Sept. 8: VSC Picnic at Montclair Park in Oakland, club meeting
    Oct. TBA: Cleanup work party and General meeting

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